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of Chef Anthony Quagliata


It all started with a meatball and a dream!  Just kidding.  I was raised as a kid from the country living in a restaurant world.  My grandparents owned a butcher shop and grocery store in Cleveland.  They then opened The White House in Mentor in 1965.  Then in 1975 came The Spaghetti Company in Mayfield Village(where I got my start in the food business).  Then the iconic Ristorante Giovanni's in 1976.  From there, a myriad of restaurants were opened by my Father, Fritz Quagliata, and my Uncles Carl and John Quagliata. The Spaghetti Companies in Solon & North Olmsted, Tuscany, Tuscany 55, Piccolo Mondo, Cafe Angelo(which then turned into Chanterelle), Alfredo's at the Inn, Holiday Inn Mayfield Village, Cafe Toscano, Crostatas Rustic Pizza, and Smokin Q's BBQ.

As you can see, my family has over 50 years of influence & part of the history of the Cleveland food scene.  On my 12th birthday, I got my start into the restaurant biz. My dad, Fritz, had me work my first night as a dishwasher at The Spaghetti Company in Mayfield Village. From dishwashing came the role of bussing. At age 16, I began cooking on the line.  It was a helluva crash course to see if I had the chops to hang with the big boys.  On a typical day, Spag Co. would do over 1000 people.  We would do that with only 3-4 people cooking on the line! We were a scratch kitchen that kicked ass everyday!

During my senior year we ending up closing The Spaghetti Company to buy The Holiday Inn Mayfield Village.  We ended up putting in a new Italian restaurant, Alfredo's at the Inn.  After high school,  I went to college at Xavier University to hone my craft in... Marketing! I would come home during breaks and in the summertime to work at our new restaurant and hotel.

After college, I settled in at Alfredo's and eventually became the Executive Chef.  It was a great learning experience being able to handle so many facets of the business while helping our hotel become the Top Guest-Ranked Holiday Inn in the world.  We held that record for many years in a row, and it is still in the top 1% in the Holiday Inn chain. 

A few years ago, I still wanted to do more in my culinary career and even work at our Nationally recognized fine-dining restaurant, Ristorante Giovanni's. Up until that point,  I have pushed myself in my culinary career, but never worked at a fine-dining restaurant.   I spent a year working at Giovanni's, and gained more experience and learned a few new cooking techniques.  However, growing up in a serial entrepreneurial family, I wanted to create a concept of my own. 

That is where Artisan Anthony's was born.  I wanted to start a Catering company, but not limit it to just carryout orders.  I wanted to do cooking classes, wine dinners, private in-home dinner parties, and corporate catering.  I love the connection with the customers, while being able to customize events and make each occasion a memorable one!

So sit back. relax, and let Anthony cook up a memory!! 

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